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Monday, November 13, 2006

Does anyone hate the new NBA zero-tolerance policy as much as I do?

The title should say it all. I really despise the new NBA rule "zero-tolerance policy." This was just recently added for the 2006-2007 NBA season. If you don't know much about sports, there are usually referees during the games. Yes, there are referees in the NBA. Now we all know the NBA was completely embarrassed during the infamous game against the Indianapolis Pacers and Detroit Pistons two years ago. If you don't know what happen, check this video out.

I believe this game above had to do a lot with the new rule and simply because NBA commissioner, David Stern was tired of NBA players complaining to refs when calls were made. Sterns says complaining to the refs ruins the "flow of the game." Now, the new policy basically threatens to hit players with technical fouls for those who curse, throw their hands up, or make other gestures that show any emotions towards the call made by the refs or complain. The same goes to the coaches of the team. Wow technical fouls rate have not increased this season.

Now, I've played on a basketball team since 5th grade and this policy is just ludicrous! From experience, when a ref throws a bad call, you usually react. This is because you are so emotionally into the game that you you can't help but argue the call made. Well the reason for this is simple, its called human nature. Now David Stern says NBA players have a duty to be role models and yes I agree with that, but apparently complaining to the refs or shaking your head when a call is made is not setting a good example to others. I understand if an NBA punches a ref or spits at their face, but by complaining or throwing your hands up - really, who gives. Fans of all sports love to see players show emotions because that aspect really makes the game. The 360 dunks are just an added bonus. No one wants to watch basketball players or any other sports for that matter play without emotions. You mind as well just watch a bunch of robots play. How about that for entertainment!

I will end this this post with a quote said by Rasheed Wallace as known to me as "The Technical Foul King."

"I know they're going to have to do something about this crazy zero tolerance law. That's retarded. In my mind, it's kind of like a slave and master or father and son. You've got your little son and you say don't say nothing back to me -- and to me, that's totally wrong. It ain't like that in any other sport."