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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Hypothetically," this is how I'd murder by wife by OJ Simpson

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If you don't know OJ Simpson, well chances are you were too young to remember the infamous trial or living under a rock. OJ Simpson was a professional football star and actor, but many remember him as the guy on trial for allegedly murdering his wife, Nicole Simpson. This trial took place in 1995. OJ Simpson was not convicted for any charges against him and was not guilty.

Simpson was later found liable for deaths and was filed a civil lawsuit against him by the Goldman family. He has failed to pay $33.5 million dollars he owes, according to Since then, he has been struggling to pay off the suit.

Currently, Simpson will have a book out called "If I Did It, Here's How It Happened" along with a television interview regarding how hypothetically he would have killed his late wife, Nicole Simpson. Many are criticizing HarperCollins Publishers the publishers of the book for even allowing it to publicize. Denise Brown, sister of Nicole Simpson criticized the publishers and says they are promoting the wrongdoing of criminals. According to, Sara Nelson, editor in chief of Publishers Weekly says Simpson "is about trying to cash in, in a pathetic way, on some notoriety." For any of those who care, the television interview will aired on Fox on November 27 and 28.

I found this pretty strange, especially because OJ Simpson denies killing his late wife. Really, why the would you publicize a book on how you would have killed her if you didn't? This makes me wonder if he is trying to send a message out to the public that he killed his wife? I can not understand the logic in this expect for the fact he just wants money. It comes to show that some people would do anything morally wrong to earn some extra cash. I find this all sickening, pathetic and weird because 1) Simpson is using his wife's death for money and 2) Simpson is publishing a book regarding how he would kill someone. Am I the only one who thinks that rather odd? As for my opinions on Simpson I believe he is not the smartest cookie in the cookie jar because the public will definitely raise their eyebrows and think, "Is Simspson trying to drop some hints or something? Is he trying to tell us, hey everyone this is how I killed my wife?"


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