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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What Do We Have To Lose?

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For all you OC fans, this post might be some important news for you. If you have not heard it yet, the show The OC will be premiering their new season on MySpace tomorrow. That's right, the first episode will not be premiering not on FOX network, but on MySpace. According to Daily News Daily Dish, the highly anticipated season will give fans a sneak peak of their first episode tomorrow at 3:01 a.m. until November 2. The first televised season premiere will be broadcasted on November 2 at 9 p.m. This season, The OC is under some stiff competition, going against CBS's CSI and ABC's Grey's Anatomy. Executive producer of the OC, Josh Schwartz, says by exposing the show earlier on the Internet will give viewers and fan a chance to see the upcoming season and hopefully draw more people to watch it on their Thursday n9 p.m. time slot. Since the show’s day and time change, Schwartz along with his writers, decided to take it back to the good old days and make this season more like the first. This includes more humor and the characters driving the story.

I've only seen one season of the OC, and if this season is similar to the first, I will definitely give it a chance. Although I might be confuse since I have not been watching the past three. Schwartz's move is quite smart because 1) fans of the OC are usually High school and/or College students and 2) most high school and college students have MySpace. Like the saying goes, "kill two birds with one stone,” those who go on MySpace regularly and are not fans will have the chance to watch the show. This is a great tactic to build more viewers and fans. The concern I have with Schwartz's tactic is if they’re premiering the season opener earlier, isn’t that preventing the season opener from high ratings? I’m really interested to see if the OC's rating will increase. I have a funny hunch that it will.

Monday, October 23, 2006

"Nick Lachey is a total gold digger!"

In our celebrity crazed world, celebrity magazines are a huge American culture, even more than before. Why is it that many are intrigued by celebrities? Seriously who really cares if Paris Hilton's dog was missing or Nicole Richie has an "so-called" eating disorder. I found most of these facts pointless, but sadly find myself interested in the lives of celebrities. In a recent conversation with my best friend, we talked about Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's failed married. Now, you'd think we'd have a five minute dicussion maxium about it, but that was not the case. We ended up having an half and hour conversation about it. Looking back on it, it really wasn't nessary to talk about such an unimportant topic for that amount of time. What I'm trying to bring up is, America at least in the year 2006, simply cares about celebrties than important news such as current numerous global problems.

Intouch, UsWeekly, Star, and Life&Style Weekly magazines are popping the champange bottles. These four magazines, according to Media Daily News, have tremendously increaed sells and subscriptions. The Publishers' Information Bureau (PIB) found that in January-September, InTouch's rosed 38.6% compared to 2005 and revenue jumped 84.6%. UsWeekly, (one of my personal favorite magazines) newsstand sales rose 1.7% to 1,006,191 and subscriptions jumped 15.1% to 788,670. As far for the godfather of celebrity magazines, Star, their subscriptions rose 39%. As for Life&Style Weekly, their newsstand sales increased 48.3%.

What I'm confuse about is, why such an interest now? Celebrity news have been around for ages, but what makes this year special. I guess theres too much tragedy going on the world that people choose to ignore the problems and focus on a life they wish they could have, celebrities.

Friday, October 20, 2006


If you have not heard the news, our very own football team will be televised on ABC at 4 p.m I believe they were televsied last year, but for some reason, I'm more interested to watch the game this time around. Well,kudos to the SJSU football team for being 4-1 so far! Lets make it 5-1! Here's a little preview and stats for those are interested to see a little taste for what's in store.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Who Needs Television When You Have The Internet!

Technology is rapidly changing and is constantly replacing something else. Let me provide you with an example, an eight track. If you grew up after the 1980s, you’re probably thinking what the hell is that? Now, let me mention something your probably more familiar with, Ipods and mp3 players.

According to Internet Daily, people who are on the Internet daily are watching television less and less. A research study, by Nielsen/NetRatings Inc. found that people who go on Yahoo and MySpace on a daily basis are watching 20% less television. Since this fall out, networks are now putting their shows online, such as NBC, ABC, Bravo and Comedy Central. This is a smart tactic of television networks because in a sense, they are gaining back viewers. The Nielsen analyst said Bravo and Comedy Central’s Internet viewer ratings are more than actual their television viewers. This does not come to a surprise to the analyst who states “those two shows are lifestyle channels.” Now what do I think about this. Well I am a MySpace and Yahoo user, but I feel as though, I have been watching less television, not because I’m watching television shows on the Internet, but simply I just don’t have as much time to watch shows. Call me old fashion, but I much prefer watching television shows on an actual T.V. Is it wrong that I like sitting on my couch like lazy slug in front of a 30-inch monitor. Sorry to say, but I found it way more enjoyable than sitting in front of Nip/Tuck my 12 inch Mac PowerBook. Moreover, many, especially college students have hectic lives and more than likely miss their favorite show. Not unless they have Tivo that is.

The Internet can give people who miss television shows an opportunity to watch it. On my laptop, I have seen movies, but not shows. That experience was okay but like I said before watching it in front of the television is more enjoyable for me. I guess it all depends on the person. I’m sure there’s someone still out there in world listening to music on eight tracks.

Oh a little FYI before I end this post, Id like to also point that according to the Lycos, Howard Stern for the sixth year in a row, is the most searched talk radio personality by Web users. By the way for all your Stern fans who don’t have Sirius Satellite Radio, you can listen to him for free from October 25-26. I suggest you all take advantage of this opportunity. Come on, its free!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Flava Flavvvvvv along with three important television shows?

Before discussing the three important television shows, I decided to do a little experiment and watch television commercials during s season finale of Flava Flav on VH1 (Yes, isn’t anyone else happy that New York got the boot?) Before conducting this experiment, I knew that the target audiences for this show are high school, college students and mid-twenty adults. I assumed the commercials would cater to this audience. I was shocked that there were many repeated commercials played. These commercials consisted of cars, places to shop for cars and car insurance, KFC, Popeye, and Helio. My synopsis for the car commercials is the target audiences are probably interested to buy cars and insurances at a cheap price especially they are young and are probably looking for the lowest prices. I could not figure out why the KFC and Popeye commercials were showed consistently. As the show went on, before the commercials started, “Flava Flav sponsored by Popeye’s.” As far as the KFC commercials, I remember Flava Flav saying it is his favorite restaurant is KFC during a past episode. I’m assuming KFC wants to run their commercials during this show because if Flava Flav likes KFC, so might his audience. I also found it strange that both commercials were right after each other because they are rival fast food restaurants. Lastly, Helio, a cell phone company’s commercial was played about five times! As I did further research, I found out that Helio is a sponsored company of VH1. In conclusion, commercials played on certain shows not only try to reach target audiences, but many have relationships with the actual show or television network.

… So what about three important televisions shows?

In my opinion, the three important television programs created are
1) Larry King Live

Larry King Live:
CNN is an important television network, but it has also shows an important show called Larry King Live. As far as interviewing, Larry King is simple, but informative, He has interviewed many actresses, politicians, allege criminals etc. Viewers are able to view King when he asks his guests difficult questions. I believe Larry King Live is influential because of his simple yet effecting way of interviewing. This must have influence many shows such as Bill O’ Riley would not have exist without King. I truly believe media, as far as talk shows would not be where they are if it weren’t for Larry King.

This show is on ABC and has been running for quite awhile now. The show’s concept is basically telling a story with interviews, images, videos, etc. Every week there's something new. Whether it is about controversial issues such as the teacher and student underage relationship, airline safety or the 9/11 attacks, it is informative. In my opinion, shows today are not as informative anymore. Media is a form of entertainment, but it also needs to transfer informative issues to the public. This is what this shows does. Most of the time, the show depicts a story and transforms it in a way for the viewer to form his or her opinion. This tactic is influential to its viewers and also the media.

Oprah: Oprah is a famous daytime host, which has influence, not only the media, but society as well. The show started off as your typical daytime show, but evolved to an empire. I believe if Larry King Live and 20/20 combine, it would create the Oprah show, (Sadly, I’m probably the only who can see that!) Everyday (Monday-Friday) millions tune in to see Oprah interview guests and give her daily tips of the day. Oprah has some sort of charisma that is appealing to audiences, even though according to some, she might be comparable to Lonesome from A Face in the Crowd. The show has been running for so long, yet it is still successful. Along with her television show, Oprah has also built an enterprise with her book club and magazine. She has taught other talk show hosts that they can expand their careers, media wise. All and all Oprah has influenced many lives and television for the long run.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Howard Stern, the bad boy of radio
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Howard Stern. What pops in your head when you hear his name? His views on censorship? Crude jokes? His usual porn star radio guests? Love him or hate him, Howard Stern has influenced talk show radio tremendously. He has been in the radio industry for many years starting with his first radio job in 1978 for a Hartfort, Connecticut radio mourning show. His career blossom and worked at stations in Detroit and Washington D.C., where his show straight to number one. He also worked for The David Letterman Show, but was fired for an inappropriate sketch. In February 1986, he had a permanent mourning slot for WYSP in Philadelphia, which eventually went nation wide. Besides a radio show, he was given the opportunity to star in his own movie called Private Parts, which to my surprise had great reviews.

I believe Howard Stern's show was one of the earliest form of "reality" radio broadcasting. The Howard Stern show was filled with comedy (prank calls), news, (celebrities and "real" news) celebrity guests, and his opinions Stern did have a serious side and times would discuss politics. During the late 1990s, the tragic Columbine shooting occurred, but this time Stern really angered many people. He made a comment he regarding the shooting, which offended many.

"There were some really good-looking girls running out with their hands over their heads. Did those kids try to have sex with any of the good-looking girls? They didn't even do that? At least if you're going to kill yourself and kill all the kids, why wouldn't you have some sex? If I was going to kill some people, I'd take them out with sex."

In my opinion, the comment was a bit uncalled for, especially because the event was so tragic. To be blunt, it was a asshole comment, but he's entitled with the right of freedom of speech. Fast forward to February 25, 2004 the Clear Channel Communications suspended him from six markets because of alleged sexual and racist comments during his show. Moreover, Stern was fed up with the CCC's suspensions and fines that he decided to move to satellite radio.

Howard Stern did not have the greatest reputation, because to many he was "real" maybe even the people's voice. The media a deceiving industry, so its difficult to distinguish who's "real" or not in the media industry. For all we know Stern might be saying outrageous statements to increase his ratings, but thats another story.

I have to appreciate Stern for not sugar coating anything. Yes, many found him offensive at times, but Stern will go down in media history. Many listeners tuned to his show and Stern was able to communicate his opinions, views, etc. to millions. Talk about impact! To have that much power and influence is huge. Howard Stern may be a little too offensive for my taste at times, but he was an entertainer. Stern, would anger me at times because of his crude comment, but then again he made me laugh with this potty mouth jokes. All and all, Radio media would not be where they are today without Stern.

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I finally figured out how to add links to my blog (Thanks Prof. B!) but for some reason the changes shows up on my template, but not my blog. I tired refreshing and republishing, but it still won't show up. I find this rather strange. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can tell me what's up with this problem and/or has any solutions. Ah I wish I had Blogger Beta =( Sorry, I just had to vent out some frustration.

Monday, October 09, 2006

"This whole country's just like my flock of sheep! "

Power, wealth, fame, and manipulation can kill a man. This is evident in the movie “A Face in a Crowd.” Like the saying goes “from rags to riches,” A Face in a Crowd is like a timeless fairy tale Cinderella story with a twist. Although the movie debuted in 1957, the storyline contends many current aspects in terms of media and advertising. The movie starts off with a reporter from Arkansas, Marcia (Patricia Neal) and her assistant Walter Matthau who visited a local jail in search of stories from jail inmates. She came across a vibrant boisterous man named Lonesome also known as Andy Griffith or “Matlock.” Marcia made the decision to pick up this original Joe and offer him a chance to host his own segment on the radio. Of course Lonesome’s took this opportunity and eventually his charismatic personality made him into an overnight sensation. Lonesome then upgraded nationally by staring in his own television show.

Lonesome’s personality was eccentric and hypnotizing towards audiences across the country. Eventually, endorsements and sponsors of all kinds started piling up due to his popularity. Lonesome can be compared to the late 1990s boy band craze. Sure he was not a full time musician, but his popularity is similar to boy bands such as sponsors, endorsements, and of course flocks of crazy girl fanatics. Power is the biggest manipulator. This stands true today. (Do musicians and celebrities ring a bell?) Lonesome took advantages of his fame and used and discarded anyone who got in his way of stardom. Lonesome’s personality went from a real wholesome country boy to a greedy fame hungered monster. He had his audience at the palm of his hand manipulating the public like naïve little children. Enough was enough for many, especially for Patricia. No one wanted to put up with his attitude and during a taping of his show many, including Patricia was down to her last straw. When the credits where rolling, Patricia pulled a cord and the public heard Lonesome bashing the public calling them “suckers” “stupid idiots” and so forth. What a great way for Patricia to give Lonesome a taste of his own medicine! Lonesome had no idea what was done, and after went to his banquet. He invited many powerful executives, but to his surprise no one showed up. Little did he know what have happen and was confuse of the lack of turnout. He consoled himself with hard liquor where Patricia along with her assistant confessed the big news. Lonesome went a little nuts knowing his successful fame went down the drain. At the end of it all, he threatens to jump off a building, while usually sympathetic Patricia leaves him without hesitation. This movie depicts an era where television was still going through its beginning stages. For many, like Lonesome it created so much power that it was destructing and sadly ruining. Andy Griffith acting was over the top, but he played a crazy greedy man really well.

No matter what era, the 1950s or today’s media power still stands strong. Media should stay true to their audience unlike Lonesome where manipulating them can cause serious bad karma like Lonesome. All in all even though the movie lagged in a couple of scenes, the message was loud and clear; the media is a powerful, one that should not be taken advantage of.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"Who Knew You Could Be Committing a Crime for Having a Blog? "

“Blog is short for weblog. A weblog is a journal (or newsletter) that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or the Web site.” (By Town Internet) As we all know each and every person in MCOMM 72 has a blog, but can you actually go to jail for having one? You bet your ass you can! Apparently to USA Today , courts are cracking down on bloggers, IF you have attacked someone online. Many who are victims of these attacks have filed libel lawsuits, “a false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation.” More than 50 lawsuits have been filed in our nation and are gradually increasing. Legal analysts are challenging these lawsuits with the argument that bloggers are “judgment proof” meaning most bloggers are just ordinary citizens and are neither journalists nor newspaper reporters. Eric Robinson, a Media Law Resource Center attorney, claims that bloggers do not understand that they can be liable for libel lawsuits because for the most part, bloggers usually takes whatever on their mind and posts it. One example of this case is, where Todd Hollis, a criminal defense lawyer in Pittsburgh was accused of having herpes, infected a woman with herpes and is apparently a homosexual. Hollis, says even though if he wins his case, he loses because these false information are there for everyone to see.

I decided to check this website out for myself. On their “About Us” it stated “in online community of powerful women from around the world who choose to exercise their rights to free speech on the Internet by boldly sharing their bad dating experiences with other women.” To me in a nutshell, it’s a website where women can bash on men and tell other women to “watch out” for these “scumbags” Pretty clever, I’d must admit. While I was searching through the website, I could not view everything because I had to be a member to view some sections of the website, but the ones I got to see (the forum and profiles), was hilarious. Even though each person is entitled for freedom of speech, if I was in the position as Hollis, filing a libel lawsuit would highly cross my mind. This topic is very controversial because the Internet is huge. I’m sure there are plenty of websites bashing or stating false statements. One example of this is celebrity gossip. Are we really going to take any blog or website to court for this? Also, who’s going to get sued, the person who wrote it or the website server? Don’t get me wrong, I am all about freedom of speech, but there’s a thin line between stating your beliefs and making someone’s life a living hell. Words of advice for all bloggers, if you choose to put up false accusations about someone, ask yourself this question, would you want untrue accusations all over the internet about you? Come on, let’s follow the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Monday, October 02, 2006

A face in the Crowd and advertising

The movie A Face in the Crowd is not really my cup of tea. Sadly, my attention span for black and white movies or anything made before the 1970s is quite low except for the movie Gone with the Wind. That's besides the point though. I decided to pay attention and write a blog regarding what my current perspective is for this movie. The second half of the movie started off with a corky drunken fellow named "Lonesome." Particia, a radio host I assume was interviewing jail inmates. She was fully equipped with a portable recorder, which consisted of a huge box with a microphone. Obviously, this is not the most up to date high tech equipment especially because I've never seen such object in my whole entire life. Lonesome was given a opportinity to be on a radio show by Particia and later on became successful. Along with his success, came more offers such as hosting his own show. In his first episode on television, he asked viewers to donate money to a woman who lost her home. The responds from the public was amazing and many donated. After Lonesome's show blew up, he started to get more offers. He was given an offer to promote some sort of vitamin pill called Vatadex. His spunky personality made viewers buy the vitamin, creating a huge sell boost. I believe one factor for the sales boost was Lonesome's celebrity status. Celebrities promoting a certain product is always a great way of advertising because people want what famous Celebes have. I also believe another factor was the public's naiveness because as far as media it was still greatly developing. The tactics used by the advertisment company in the movie are still going on currently. Simply, the media has and will always influence others. Whether in the 1950s or currently, the media and advertising will always be a powerful tool by impacting people, whether good or bad.